General Services

  • Cost Savings: Hospitality Source is a direct manufacturer therefore none of our products are quoted with 3rd party mark ups, added distribution costs, stocking fees, or sales representative commission added. Our products are quoted on a factory based pricing structure with your specific details and quantity priced in. We ALWAYS pass along volume discounts, so compare and save on any project or product line. The price we quote includes everything you specify in your RFQ, there are no hidden costs and no extra fees.

  • Warranty/100% Guarantee: All our products are warrantied and/or guaranteed along the highest industry guidelines. We heavily quality control through the entire manufacturing process and we always professionally package all items to help ensure your items arrive safe. We have a fully staffed QC office based near all our manufacturing facilities.

  • Customization: All our products are originated at the factory level so we can always offer customization on almost any of our product categories without adding additional costs or high customization fees.

  • Product Development: We are experts at taking products from specifications to final delivery of a perfect finished product. We will easily and quickly take your item from quote, sample and production through to distribution and delivery based on your specific needs. We will completely cater to all our customers’ needs, so the process is painless and fast as possible.

  • Communication: Our owners come directly from the hospitality and retail industries, so we know how critical and important clear and accurate communication is in our current environment. We strive to communicate closely with all our customers, so there are never any surprises.

  • Eco Friendly: All our products are made with the highest available “Green” standards by product category. We always strive to meet a LEED type standard on all products as currently available. We can expertly advise on all materials and processes that can be used on each item and how it translates functionally in a commercial environment.

Contract FF&E

  • Designer Specifications: We are experts in manufacturing to exact designer based specifications. Moreover, we always strive to exceed quality expectations and even improve functionality when possible. Every product we manufacture is stringently sampled and tested.

  • Testing and Certifications: All our products are tested for durability and flamability to meet or exceed any local or national standard. We are a fully licensed and registered manufacturer to provide CA117 and TB133 labeled products meeting any hospitality or public venue requirement.

  • Upholstery: We can arrange either COM projects or expertly milled material in many cases to match your look and design. We have many resources to closely match materials as needed and swatches provided.

  • Product Design: If needed we can design products to fit our customers’ needs or to fit within limited space requirements. We are not stuck on one size fits all FF&E, so we can easily adjust designs to fit your needs.

OS&E & Promotional Product Distribution

  • Warehousing & Logistics: All our OS&E projects are catered to meet our customers’ needs for cost and consumptions. We can coordinate a delivery plan to save money or warehouse and bill as needed based on your pace of consumption.

  • Packaging: All packaging can be customized to meet our customers’ needs. We can expertly facilitate custom case packs and case pack quantities as needed.

  • Private Labeling: If one of our “stock” catalog items does not fit your needs, we can be a silent partner for our customer’s own brands and manufacture brand items for other firms. Over the years we manufactured both promotional marketing items of all types and retail products for well-known industry leaders in the Hospitality and Retail Industries.

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