Sample and Prototyping Services:

Sampling products is a key step in the design process where our customers can control the product details and quality.  Nothing gets manufactured with a stringent review and approval process without our hotel owners or designers.  We strive to provide the most accurate and high quality samples reflecting the highest attention to detail and commensurate quality to the final production product.  Whether you are looking for a mockup or a full-blown functional prototype, we aim to provide exactly what is needed for each product.

Product Design and Development:

Not seeing exactly what you need in our catalog? Let us design the item to your exact size, color, finish, material, etc. Just about everything in our catalog can be made to our clients’ specifications without adding significant extra costs. Have an original design or concept, then let us bring that to fruition with our vast manufacturing experience. We can provide a myriad of design options and explain the functionality differences between each product we manufacture. Hotel guests today are looking for unique and customized hotel experiences and we can help make your hotel stand out.

Full FF&E Design Schemes:

Need ideas and choices for your next renovation? We can design all the FF&E sleeping room items into an integrated room design that is both functional and looks great. We can take general theme or look ideas and help narrow to exact pieces that fulfill the customers’ vision. We take special care in all our products to be sure they are both functional for the guest experience and long lasting for commercial use. Each piece will also be designed to fit any room layout perfectly even if sleeping rooms are not consistent in size. Your hotel can be furnished with 5 star luxury type FF&E without the 5 star prices, which will directly translate to the best guest experience.

Eco Friendly Concepts:

Most products found in hotels can be made to be Eco Friendly by adjusting materials or manufacturing processes. We are experts at covering all “Green” options and the functional impact of implementing certain materials and concepts into your product designs. We can help you sift through what is actually Eco Friendly and what is marketing “jargon” that is seen throughout the hotel industry. We can also help guide our customers’ on which “Green” products really add to their environmental efforts and translate to positive guest recognition. Almost all our products can be made to meet LEED or are LEED inspired to reduce carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.


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